Visiting the Livestock Pavilions, BankSA Farmyard Nursery or going on the Agsplorers Trail can be a lot of fun and great ways to learn about animals. If you’re going to hang around with animals, then there are some things you need to do to stay healthy.

Some things you need to know about animals.

Animals can carry germs. These germs are so small you can’t see them. These tiny germs may not make the animals sick but they can make people very sick. When you touch animals, their pens, cages, aquariums, food, food containers or any other object the animals have touched, these germs can spread to you.

Please find below some resources to make sure you're staying healthy at the Show.

Keeping Healthy Around Animals Adelaide Showground Handwashing Policy Risk Assessment

COVD-19 at the Royal Adelaide Show


Hand washing facilities are available in all animal areas and toilets with “hand washing” signs encouraging all Show-goers: “After being with animals it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and running water before eating, drinking or smoking.”


A smart platform technology program, a traffic light system, will be installed to monitor crowd capacities of all major exhibition halls. This will ensure there is always the space to accommodate social distancing in alignment with SA Health protocols


In the event that an emergency situation arises during the Show, the Show has in place a set of policies and procedures designed to address emergency issues. The Society will do this by working closely with SA Police, Safework SA, SA Metropolitan Fire Service, other emergency services and relevant community agencies. If visitors see anything of concern to them, they should raise this with either, a hall attendant, pavilion supervisor, police officer or staff at the Royal Adelaide Show office.


To optimise all patrons’ experience whilst attending the Show, if you see or experience anything of concern, or which you believe may present a risk to health and safety, please immediately notify the Royal Adelaide Show Office, Show Kiosks, SafeWork SA inspectors, or you can call SafeWork SA’s Help Centre on 1300 365 255.