Horticulture Displays

2019 sees major layout changes for the Goyder pavilion and the horticulture area, now encompassing more space across the pavilion, the displays tie into the Goyder Food and Wine area, as well as the Apple and Pear and Citrus stands, welcoming visitors with lush foliage at all entrances.  The Yellow Brick Road will again visit multiple locations within the pavilion, showcasing some of the great produce that South Australia has to offer.

Horticulture Competition Displays

Check out the winning plants, cuttings and entries from this year's Horticulture Competition. With judging occuring most days, there is always something new to visit each time you attend the Show.

2019 Feature Flower - protea

This year the “Protea family” has been chosen as the Feature Flower.

Together with Proteas there are Leucodendrons, Leucospermums, Aulax, all from South Africa.  Australia has a large collection of plants belonging to the Protea family, one of the best known would be the Banksia, others include Waratah (Telopea), Dryandra, Grevillea, Hakea, Isopogon, even the Macadamia belongs to the Protea family.

Exploring further into the Horticultural displays you will find a floral feature dedicated to the Proteaceae Family, here you will enjoy a display focused on the Protea family in the form of live plants, cut flowers and art work depicting and celebrating the flowers and forms of this diverse and colourful family.

Balance by Sophie’s PATCH

Balance by Sophie Thomson demonstrates how we can create a beautiful, fun, productive, sustainable garden in an urban setting, whatever it’s size. Gardens are vital to help to cool our homes and our cities, give us the opportunity to reduce and manage our stress, and allow us access to optimal nutrition when we grow at least part of our fruits, vegies and herbs. All of these great reasons to have a garden are in addition to the environmental benefits gardens provide by helping to increase biodiversity and urban habitat.

Harmony within our outdoor spaces is important and includes the balance between sun and shade (which is increasingly important as our climate gets hotter and harsher), produce and ornamentals, and fun and function. This show garden also provides ideas on how to bring plants inside our homes and offices to further improve our health and wellbeing, as well as their aesthetic and environmental benefits. As always the display will feature crowd pleasing creative elements like a giant Pumpkin Palace, a Chick-inn complete with feathered friends and a Native Bee BnB.

Plant Life Balance – Improve your air quality and your wellbeing!

Back by popular demand this free interactive display will allow Show visitors to decorate an indoor room with a lush array foliage and indoor plants.  Linked with the Plant Life Balance App members of the Nursery & Garden Industry of SA will be on hand to help with plant selection, provide advice and explain the health benefits that plants play in our everyday life.

Horticulture Stage

Visit the Horticulture Stage to learn from the experts. Masterclasses from Sophie Thomson, Kim Syrus, Crispin Boxhall and Trevor Garard, along with a wide range of industry experts, will get your garden looking in top shape! Presentations from Spring Gully will give you tips and tricks on creating the ultimate entertaining platter, as well as how to create the ultimate school lunchbox.

View the Horticulture Stage Timetable