Opening & Closing Times

See the RAA Fireworks each night to close out the Main Arena:

Fridays and Saturdays @ 9pm
Monday - Thursday & Sundays @ 8pm

Each night of the Royal Adelaide Show will close with a bang! For the first time ever we will be presenting an exciting 7 minute Pyromusical Firework and HSGF Flame System  display incorporating 45 firing positions creating a large circular firing area for a spectacular view from any angle! Other new fireworks include white glitter comets with red star mines, white strobing dahlia with twilight glitter tail and white strobing mines!

Opening & Closing Times

The Royal Adelaide Show opens at 9am every day. The Carnival attractions operate until 11pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 10pm Sunday to Thursday (weather permitting), except Sunday 12 September when they will close at 9.30pm.

Major Pavilions

AreaFriday & SaturdaySunday - Thursday Final Sunday
Goyder Pavilion9am - 9pm9am - 8pm9am - 8pm
Jubilee Pavilion9am - 9pm9am - 8pm9am - 8pm
Duncan Gallery9am - 9pm9am - 8pm9am - 8pm
Market Bazaar Ridley9am - 9pm9am - 9pm9am - 9pm
Market Bazaar Showbags9.30am - 10pm9.30am - 9pm9.30am - 9pm
Showbag Hall9.30am - 10pm9.30am - 9pm9.30am - 9pm

All Pavilions

AreaSat 4 Sept - Sat 11 SeptSun 12 Sept
Advanced Technology 
9am - 7pm7pm
BankSA Farmyard Nursery 9am - 8pm9am - 7pm
Dairy Food Hall9am - 8pm9am - 7pm
Vili's Dog Pavilion9am - 5pm9am - 5pm
Exhibition Milking Dairy9am - 7pm9am - 6pm
Farm Expo9am - 7pm9am - 7pm
Golden Grains Pavilion9am - 7pm9am - 7pm
Livestock Pavilions9am - 7pm9am - 7pm
Pet Centre9am - 7pm9am - 7pm
Poultry, Pigeons & Eggs Pavilion9am - 7pm9am - 5pm
Show Museum9am - 5pm9am - 5pm
Taste SA9am - 7pm9am - 7pm
The Learning Centre9am - 5pm9am - 5pm
The Old Ram Shed9am - 7pm9am - 7pm

Ticket Box Closing Times

Ticket boxes, located outside each gate, open at 9am daily. Once closed, entry is still available until Show closing time, however tickets will need to be purchased online. Please refer to Pavilion closing times before purchasing your ticket after 5pm.

LocationSunday - Thursday Friday & Saturday

Kidman Gate (Rose Tce)

Ridley Gate (Goodwood Rd)8.30pm9.30pm
Railway Gate8pm9pm
Leader Street8pm9pm
Windmill Gate7pm8pm

Show Kiosk Closing Times

LocationSunday - Thursday Friday & Saturday

Kidman Gate (Rose Tce)

Ridley Gate (Goodwood Rd)8.30pm9.30pm
Railway Gate8.30pm9.30pm
Leader Street8.30pm9.30pm
Windmill Gate6pm7pm

YBR Sales end at 6pm daily. All kiosks will close at 6pm on Sunday 12 September.